Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some frequently asked questions by property owners. If you don’t see your question, please Click Here and email your question to us.

Q. Can I pay off my CDD assessment?

A. Yes, you can pay off the capital assessment on your property at any time, but not the O & M assessment (refer to question #4). To find the outstanding balance on your property, click on “Data Search” and follow the instructions.

Q. What time period does the assessment cover?

A. CDD assessments are collected in advance. The current assessment runs from October 1st through September 30th each year.

Q. I paid off my CDD; why do I still have an assessment on my real estate tax bill?

A. The property continues to be subject to annual operations and maintenance (O & M) assessments for the maintenance of common improvements that the CDD provides. This assessment is subject to change annually with the adopted budget.

Q. What does the O & M pay for?

A. The O & M (operations and maintenance) assessment is an annual assessment for maintenance for common improvements within your community that the CDD provides. The services vary depending on which community you live in. For example, it may cover landscaping, street lights, guard facilities, roving patrol, storm water management, etc., or it may only include a few of the services listed above. To find the list of services that your CDD provides, click on “Data Search” then choose your CDD.