Pelican Bay Services Division

The Pelican Bay Services Division (PBSD) is a Municipal Services Taxing and Benefit Unit governed by an eleven-member Board. This Board is elected by the majority of the resident property owners in Pelican Bay, and then straw-vote appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The PBSD is a dependent district of the Collier County government.

The PBSD utilizes the Collier County Tax Collector to collect its assessments each year. The annual assessment appears as one line in the non-ad valorem section of the property tax bill.

All Pelican Bay property owners pay for the operation and maintenance (O & M) of enhanced improvements through an annual assessment.

Currently the PBSD operates and maintains the following elements
of the community:
Maintenance of the Water Management System
Beautification of recreational facilities and median areas
Maintenance of conservation or preserve areas
Establishment of Capital Reserve Funds for ambient noise management
US 41 berms
Street signage replacements within median areas
Landscape improvements to US 41 entrances

Dawn Brewer

When emailing request please include
(1) name/phone/email
(2) name of the District
(3) name of the property owner, location address and parcel number
(4) what information you are requesting

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