Heritage Greens Community Development District


The Naples Heritage Community Development District (HGCDD) is governed by a five-member Board of Supervisors elected by the majority of the resident electors in the district. A professional management company – Dorrill Management Group implements the policies of the Board. W. Neil Dorrill acts as the manager of the CDD.

All property owners pay for the operation and maintenance (O & M) of the CDD improvements through an annual assessment.

The HGCDD utilizes the Collier County Tax Collector to collect its assessments each year. The annual assessments appear as in the non-ad valorem section of the property tax bill.

Dorrill Management Group
5672 Strand Court, Suite 1 Naples, FL 34110

Alli Coleman
239-592-9115 Ext. 204

When emailing request please include
(1) name/phone/email
(2) name of the District
(3) name of the property owner, location address and parcel number
(4) what information you are requesting

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